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Longfield coating bars

Plain Bar | Single Wire Bar | Compound Bar | Tri Bar | Rolled Bar

Our range of plain, wire-wound and rolled bars enables the user to realise a considerable range of wet film thicknesses and surface finishes. This in turn enables a remarkably wide range of coat weights to be achieved.

 Longfield Plain Bar (LPB)

Longfield Plain Bar

A plain, unwound bar gives the lowest coating weight and can be supplied in any diameter and length to suit the application. Back to top

 Longfield Single Wire Bar (LSB)

Longfield Single Wire Bar
Single close coiled wire bars give approximately one tenth the wire diameter in wet thickness. This is the most commonly used bar type. Back to top

 Longfield Compound Bar (LCB)

Longfield Compound Bar
The Longfield Compound Bar gives a higher coating weight for a given pitch, as well as a greatly improved surface quality. Back to top

 Longfield Tri Bar (LTB)

Longfield Tri Bar
The Longfield Tri-Compound Bar fulfils the need for heavier coatings but is used increasingly to produce a glossy, line-free finish on medium deposits. Back to top

 Longfield Rolled Bar (LRB)

  Valmet type
Also called "Grooved" or "Profiled" bars, these are prefered by paper mills and other wide-web coaters. Back to top

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